Do you need insurance for an electric scooter

Do You Need Insurance for an Electric Scooter?

Electric scooters are portable and the most convenient way to commute short distances (about 2 miles or less). There has been a spike in the popularity of these over the past few years. If you’re planning to buy one and thinking, “do you need insurance for an electric scooter?” You’ve landed on the right page. Now, you don’t need to search for different web pages to get the correct answer, as we’ll break down everything you need to know about e-scooter insurance. Sit back and read carefully.

Electric scooters are classified as personal light electric vehicles (PLEV), and like other vehicles, you’ll want to have insurance to cover your vehicle in unwelcomed circumstances. The purchase of e-scooter insurance is not always necessary, but it can be pretty valuable in certain circumstances. Different countries have their own laws regarding e-scooter insurance, so let’s dive in right now to find out this!

Do You Need Insurance for an Electric Scooter in the US?

According to the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988, third-party insurance is mandatory for all 2-wheeler owners to ride their vehicles on the road. Since the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) doesn’t categorize e-scooters as motor vehicles, the 2-wheeler insurance act didn’t apply to them. The only 2 states of the USA, the State of Illinois and the State of Texas, have made it mandatory to have an e-scooter license only when the power of the motor surpasses 750 Watts. While in other states, you can ride e-bikes without insurance. The riders are only required to have a valid “driver’s license.” These insurance laws are subject to change and may vary from state to state.

However, there’s undoubtedly more to be said, as these scooters with powerful batteries are becoming popular day by day, so you must safeguard these like other valuable. Regrettably, a spike in road accidents has also been observed due to these rides, So having insurance in place is the best option that can cover your vehicle repair and medical expenses in case of any mishap. 

Do You Need Insurance for an Electric Scooter in the UK?

In the United Kingdom, electric scooters weren’t listed as vehicles, nor were they required to have any insurance a few years ago. But now, e-scooters have been recognized as motor vehicles, and insurance is needed for rent scooters to ride them on public roads. However, according to law, there’re no strict policies for having insurance for private scooters. To ride the e-scooter in parks and other public areas, you just need to fulfill the below requirement.

  • You must own a valid provisional or full Uk driving license with category Q entitlement.
  • Your age must be 16 years or above.

The laws are being evolved with each passing day, and so do the policies. So always beware of local government agency’s new rules and regulations to prevent yourself from any trouble while riding on roads.

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Types Of Insurance to Consider for Electric Scooters

We all know that e-scooters aren’t safe vehicles to travel long distances. There are no specific insurance types designed for these scooters, despite the fact that the number of accidents involving these vehicles is increasing every day. Fortunately, there are other options available that can offer riders some degree of protection and peace of mind.

Health Insurance

In case of an accident, this type of insurance assists you to cover the medical costs. For riders of electric scooters to recover personal medical expenses in the event of an accident, they should have health insurance at least. This type of insurance only covers medical expenditures, not any liability for property or vehicle damage.

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance covers costs of medical treatment and vehicle damage beyond the boundary of the home, such as pool, road, etc. This insurance extends liability claims to electric scooters as well. In case of an e-scooter accident, the umbrella policy may bear other people’s medical bills, damage to the property, and theft. It will not cover the insured’s medical bills.

We can say again that this insurance type is quite possibly the best option available in the market for those people who own an e-scooter and happen to be regularly commuting. Nowadays, some major companies like Nationwide, Allstate, and State Farm offer umbrella policies.

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The Cost of Insurance for an Electric Scooter 

On average, most electric scooter insurance plans typically cost $20-$30 a month. The e-scooter insurance comes with a particular deductible, which is the cost of financial damage that you’ll obtain before your plan pony up. In case of an accident, you’ll owe more out of pocket if your monthly deductible is high. The factors that determine the e-scooter insurance cost models are given below:

  • Locality
  • Policy type
  • Coverage quota
  • Insurance company

How Can You Insure Your Electric Scooter?

In case you fancy purchasing an e-scooter insurance plan, you need to call your regular insurance provider and ask for the plans that they can put together for you. If their offerings aren’t according to your desire, you can go with other contributors. Try to explore insurance plans from newly established and smaller companies dealing in the micro-mobility space. Most of these include coverage of:

  • Third-party property and health liability
  • Personal property damage liability
  • All your health coverage


Does Automobile Insurance Cover Electric Scooters?

Unfortunately, your automobile insurance doesn’t cover e-scooters. It’s because auto insurance doesn’t cover vehicles with less than 4 wheels.

Is it necessary to have insurance for a moped or scooter in California?

California law mandates insurance for mopeds but not for scooters. You’ll, however, need a valid driver’s license in both cases.

What is the validity period of 2-wheeler insurance?

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDAI) has made it obligatory for all newly purchased 2-wheelers to issue a 5 years insurance cover, according to a supreme court ruling in September 2018. It’s only for 3rd party bike insurance policies. If you purchase a comprehensive insurance plan, then this tenure decreases to 3 years.

Final Thoughts

You’ve now got comprehensive knowledge about -” do you need insurance for an electric scooter?” To put it in a nutshell, e-scooter insurance is optional in most states and municipalities. However, ensuring the scooter provides you with a sense of safety. The ball is in your court, but having insurance protects your wallet as much as your body.

Have a Safe and Stress-Free Riding!

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