how to make kick scooter faster

How to Make Kick Scooter Faster [10 ProTips]

Kick Scooters are one of the best human-powered urban street ways to commute short distances. These’re much more time and labor efficient in terms of transportation. Their average traveling speed ranges between 10-12 MPH, which can exceed about 20-25MPH in certain cases, while an average person can only walk 2.5PMH without feeling tired. But sometimes, the speed of the kick scooter dramatically slows down, leaving you behind in a struggle. At this moment, as a commuter, you think about how to make kick scooter faster without any investment and time wastage.

Being Kick scooter enthusiasts, we know that all the scooters come in different size ranges with a variety of features depending on our intent of using them. No one is as right as rain; however, we’ve devised a few tips and tricks for users to assist them in making their kick scooter move faster.

How to Make Kick Scooter Faster – A Detailed Guide 2023

Make a Careful Choice of Kick Scooters [Brands and Specification Based]

So many types of scooters are in the market, varying in brand and model. We can’t deny the fact that each brand of scooter has its own set of features that have a strong impact on performance. Before making a purchase, kindly look at the specification chart of each brand’s ride or at least read the buyer reviews, keeping in mind the speed preferences. Some of the specifications that you might consider at the time of buying are given below:

  • The first thing to consider is the weight and size of the scooter. Always choose a lightweight that suits your height (not too small or large).
  • Secondly, your focus must be on the range and speed of the vehicle. You can easily check this by taking a test ride.

You may also consider the material, durability, handlebar adjustment difficulty, wheel types, brake friction concerning speed optimization, and many more.

Always Choose the Right Type of Kick Scooter.

Two types of kick scooters are available in the market- Kids and adult kick scooters. If you’re an adult and using a kids’ scooter, we can say that again, you’re committing a big mistake. Come out of your mistake and choose an appropriate ride for you. With an adult scooter, the speed automatically increases by 2x.

An adult Kick scooter has many advantages over the other, as it provides much comfort and speed. These have wider decks to enhance kicking speed and help eliminate fatigue chances. Adult kick scooter also has solidly built faster and larger rolling wheels that may cost more but reduce the need to hunch forward and stop to change the feet, as now it perfectly matches your size.

Proper and Powerful Kick to Move Your Ride at Maximum

Taking powerful, long kicks is a major factor in making kick scooters move faster. As the intensity of the kick increases, so does the speed up to a certain point. Put your plant foot on the scooter’s deck and hit the ground using the other foot. While kicking, bend your body forward and use all muscles together to reduce fatigue and enhance power. When the scooter has attained the maximum speed, keep your kicking leg behind the front leg. Once you reach the maintainable comfortable speed, keep both feet side-by-side on the deck. 

Now let the scooter move on its own until it loses the speed, give a few kicks to reach the speed again, and enjoy a fast and smooth drive. 

Optimum Body Posture will make kick Scooter Faster.

How to make kick scooter faster is an issue that can only be resolved by following easy-to-follow tips. The below-mentioned two points mainly affect the speed of the kick scooter.

  • What’s your position and posture during riding?
  • How you’re handling the ride?

Slightly lean forward, make a tight grip over handlebars with a slight bend in elbows, and put your feet on the deck with a slight angle in knees to enhance kick efficiency. At the same time, keep your shoulders and arms flexible until you get the highest speed from your scooter.

Adjust the Handlebar’s Height to Make a Faster Ride.

Make sure that the handlebars of your ride are up to the appropriate size, as their height is another contributor to the speed of the kick scooter. The handles of the scooter are adjustable according to the rider’s height, and the correct height guarantees comfort and increased kick efficiency. The handlebars must be positioned so that the rider’s back is slightly arched over here, not too bent or straight.

  • When the handle height is too low, it will require the rider to lean much forward, resulting in fatigue in the arms of the rider and loss of control over the ride.
  • In other cases, when handlebars are high, these will hinder the way of a powerful kick, thus limiting the speed.

For comfortable riding and the best performance, the best handlebar height is between the hip and waist when you’re flatfooted over the deck.

Smooth Paved Streets

The street conditions and the terrain over which you’re riding have a strong impact on the speed of the kick scooter. The smooth paved roads offer less rolling resistance to the tires, making them travel faster without much effort. Bumpy roads and uneven surfaces will hinder the wheels, slowing down the speed.

Pay Attention to Regular Maintenance of the Kick Scooter

The desired service of products directly depends on how much you take care of it. An easy solution. How to make kick scooter faster is to pay proper attention to its maintenance, ensuring its durability. The maintenance involves the 3 main procedures:

Replace Worn-out Parts: All the machines, whether used regularly or not, undergo deterioration. You need to cultivate the habit of regularly inspecting any indication of worn-out parts and then endeavor to alter them as soon as possible before the next ride. If the wheels, bearings, and handlebars are damaged or worn out, replace them immediately to make the scooter move faster. Polyurethane wheels can make kick scooters the fastest ride in the market. So replace torn wheels with polyurethane.

Clean your ride Regularly: Washing and cleaning the scooter is one of the important factors in increasing the speed as it prevents the grim from accumulating around the bearings of the wheels. Proper cleaning not only makes the ride move faster but also reduces the chance of its parts being worn out.

Oil your kick scooter regularly: The colliding of different metal parts of a ride results in wear and tear. Over time, this will result in friction between parts, slowing down speed. To overcome this issue, apply oil to all parts with frequent contact. Also, open up the removable parts of the scooter and apply Greece between connections if possible. It’ll make the kick scooter’s contact smoother and increase its speed.

When you adopt the habit of timely scheduling regular maintenance, it will save you from any downtime. In other words, it would save your scooter from going out of commission.

Convert to Electric Scooter.

If you’re still unsatisfied with the scooter’s performance even after applying all the tricks, then it might be better to shift to an electric scooter. There are also 2 options: convert the existing scooter to electric by installing a built-in battery motor power or buy a new electric ride. For an electric bike, 24-48 Volts power battery is required. 

Wear Flexile Shoes to Kick Your Scooter Properly

To propel the kick scooter properly, you must choose the perfect shoes, as heels or brogues may cause discomfort and ultimately hurt your feet, resulting in low speed due to a slower kick. Wearing skateboarding or hiking shoes with flexible sole are encouraged, as these provide enough grip and enhance kick efficiency.

Legs Alternating while Riding to Reduce Fatigue

In order to prevent fatigue and remain comfortable, you should alternate your kicking and standing legs on the deck. If you use the same foot, it may result in tiredness and fatigue, thus dramatically declining the kick speed. Exchange legs with about 3-5 kicks to enjoy a longer and faster ride.

 Last but not least, practice is the key to everything. If you’re a newbie, then definitely there is no fault in the ride. Actually, you don’t know how to deal with it, so do practice to be perfect.


1- What is the average speed of a kick scooter?

The average speed of a kick scooter is about 10-12 MPH. However, it may vary from brand to brand.

2- What is the role of weight in the speed of a kick scooter?

The weight has an inverse impact on the speed, so always consider the maximum weight capacity of your ride.

3- Can a kick scooter go downhill fast?

The kick scooter’s speed might exceed about 20-25 MPH during the downhill move, which is much faster than normal.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the tips mentioned above will be more than sufficient to answer your question about how to Make Kick Scooter Faster. We’ve reached the point that the main reason for slowing down the kick scooter is that you’re not taking proper care of its maintenance. Proper maintenance, considering riding style and environment, can assist in improving the speed. We wish you to break a leg on longer, faster, and happier riding.

Safe Scootering!

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