How to Lock Your Scooter Properly

How to Lock Your Scooter Properly? Tips and Tricks

Kick scooters are widely used for commuting, ranging from kids’ toy scooters to expensive pieces of equipment. These all are at risk of being stolen, so How to Lock Your Scooter Properly to keep it secure while it’s not in use? Fortunately, locking a kick scooter is quite a simple process that calls for only a few materials.

In this article, we’re going to discuss a few ways to lock kick scooters with a few tips and tricks to ensure your ride’s security. So let’s dive in!

How to Lock Your Scooter Properly – 3 Methods

There are about 3 different ways you can use to lock and secure your scooter. We’re going to walk through best practices for locking scooters alongside safety measures to ensure your scooters have a better chance to be in your garage instead of thieves’ hands.

How to Lock Your Scooter Properly

Method#1: Use a Pad Lock or Chain Lock

The use of a chain lock, padlock, or cable lock is recommended, and the most uncomplicated one is to fasten your scooter, thus relaxing you from the headache of how to lock a kick scooter. These locks rarely come with scooters but are readily available in any hardware store, or you can buy one from any online store like Amazon.

In this method, you need to look for a solid fixed object, which might be a concrete pillar or bike rack. Once found, tie one end of the chain lock with the scooter, which can run through the front wheel spokes, and the other end with the fixed object. In case you want added security, using U-lock in addition to this one is also recommended. Putting the chain lock around the handlebars or central support can take the scooter’s safety to the next level.

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Method#2: Use a Disc Lock

Some kick scooters have a hole in place, so you can secure it with a disc or bike lock. If you’re looking for an extra layer of safety, disc locks are the most reliable. It’s also a fact that no accessory can provide 100% protection but can run the thieves through more challenging times while getting away with your scooter.

In this method, a Locking pin passes through the hole in the brake disc and locks into place using a pushdown-and-click mechanism or a double locking mechanism. This locking mechanism discourages theft by blocking vehicle movement in any direction. For added security, you can use 2 disc locks at a time if you have one. The disc lock is undoubtedly a worthwhile investment, but you can go through hard times if you lose the key, as it’s almost impossible to remove it without the key.

Method#3: Use an Alarm Lock

Using alarm locks is an excellent option to deter thieves from endeavouring to run off with your scooter. These locks are durable, corrosion resistant, and waterproof, made from quality aluminium alloy. Alarm locks make out a shock motion, meaning when it’s tempered with, a siren is activated, emitting loud noise until the end of the manipulation.

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Why Are Cable Locks Recommended for Securing a Scooter?

Cable locks are versatile, portable, and reliable as they are made from hard-to-cut-off material; you can carry them in your backpack and pocket while riding around. These are also easy to use and available in a much more affordable range.

If the thief has the right tools dedicated to cutting wires, then no doubt he’ll be able to cut off the lock and thus steal your ride. To prevent yourself from such trouble, use locks that are difficult for someone to quickly snip with wire cutters, i.e.locks having plastic material rapping around the braided wire. As a result, the wire is less corrosive and more challenging to cut, so it is more difficult for a cutter to work around the wiring.

Tips to Minimize the Chance of Scooter Being Stolen

The Below tips will help reduce the chance of scooters being stolen.

  • If you have a combination lock attached to the cable lock, then never use the default password of the lock, nor the combination you used earlier, as anyone who can figure out this password can pop off the scooter.
  • Don’t lock or park the scooter in the same place every time, as the thieves might be observing you for a long time and reach you when you’re just off the ride but haven’t locked it yet. Also, try to park it somewhere between other bikes and vehicles, making it difficult for someone to find it.
  • To make your scooter a difficult target for thieves, always try to park it in a well-lit area.
  • Always have an active and close eye on your kick scooter at all times; that’ll assist you in spotting any suspicious activity.
  • In case you observe any suspicious activity, take no time to inform the police; this way, they can catch the thief, thus preventing your’ s and others’ scooters from stealing in the future.
  • If possible, park your scooter under the coverage of a CCTV camera to make identification of the person who tries to steal your ride.
  • Use a GPS tracker with your scooter to track its location if stolen.


1- What to do to secure a foldable scooter? 

In addition to other locking mechanisms used for non-folding scooters, it’s better to fold and carry a foldable scooter with you in a bag instead of leaving it locked up outside for others.

2- Would it be possible to make my scooter less appealing to thieves?

The most working way to make your scooter less appealing to thieves is to personalize it with difficult-to-remove stickers. Doing so will make it difficult for thieves to hide or resell your ride to others.

3- What is the theft rate of scooters?

According to a study in Poland, every 1 in 10 e-scooters experience theft.


How to lock a kick scooter is no longer a complex process. You can lock your scooter using a chain lock, padlock, alarm lock, or disk lock to prevent it from theft. It’s good to install GPS trackers on your scooter to track down it in case it’s stolen. When you own a folding scooter, it’s better to fold it and carry it with you rather than lock it outside. Following all these tips and tricks can reduce the chance of your scooter being stolen.

Safe commuting🙂!

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